Welcome To Koat Kreative

Currently home to Hip Hop artist River Greene, and singer songwriter/producer Flygo, K.O.A.T. KREATIVE continues to release new music including River Greene’s latest project titled “BNTA” Short for BestNotTalkedAbout” which released October 3rd, 2015. In partnership with K.O.A.T. FILMS the company plans to to launch a 2016 regional tour coming to a city near you!

About our company

K.O.A.T. KREATIVE is a Kentucky based marketing and managing record label housing musicians, singer songwriters and producers. Founded and created by Adam Carson in 2006, the label was created to give local musicians freedom to express themselves in an entertainment format while protecting the integrity of their own vision.

Why I do what I do.

"I actually love life right now, thru the ups n downs. I'm still doin betta than I though I would, from the shows to music videos to tapes I drop, I continue to follow a dream I had since elementary and results startin to show for it and that's 100."